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Top six Insta-worthy spots in Bangkok

Top six Insta-worthy spots in Bangkok

Thailand is a photographer and Instagram picture hunter’s dream. Whether you are a street photographer, lifestyle photographer, selfie lover or anything in between then you will find there is no shortage of Instagram worthy Thailand photography locations. Read on to find out the top six Insta-worthy spots in Bangkok.

1)     The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace is a highlight for many people who visit Bangkok, and once you visit you’ll easily understand why, as it’s simply stunning. As well as being a place to admire it’s also a great place to explore and take pictures of. We recommend getting here as early as possible when it opens as it can get crazy busy.

2)     Wat Saket (Golden Mount)

The Golden Mount is one of our favorite spots in Bangkok, as to get to the top you have to take a path that flows around the hill until you get to the temple. From the top, you can get some great views of the cities skyline, and there is also a huge Chedi at the top which makes for good photographs.

3)     Loha Prasat

This temple and the grounds around it are very photogenic. Some of the surrounding gardens had beautiful purple flowers, and at the main temple Loha Prasat seen in the distance below, you can even climb up for some nice views.

4)     Wat Arun Temple – The Temple of Dawn

If you are looking for where to take photos in Bangkok then you could do no wrong by heading to Wat Arun Temple. There are 31,200 Buddhist temples in Thailand, and Wat Arun is probably one of the most photographed. The patterned building is an architectural representation of Mount Meru – the center of the world in Buddhist cosmology!

5)     Wat Pho

Also known as ‘Temple of the Reclining Buddha’, Wat Pho is a beautiful temple complex that houses one of the city’s most famous attractions: a 46-meter long statue of Buddha. The statue shows Buddha in a relaxed, reclined position, and is covered entirely in gold leaf!

6)     Wat Samphran (Dragon Temple)

Located around 40km outside of the city, Wat Samphran is a truly unique temple. Known as ‘Dragon Temple’, it’s an 80-meter tall, pink, cylindrical building wrapped by an enormous dragon sculpture. The brightly colored dragon is a pretty impressive sight and makes for a top-notch Instagram picture. Where else can you find a dragon to feature on your feed?

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